About Me
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Almost 20 years of experience in designing 2D graphics has allowed me to take on various challenges by completing both large and small format orders for different companies and institutions. 3D graphics contains mostly the preparation of models and designing levels, as well as 2D/3D assets dedicated to the experience of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), which engage the most time of my work as a graphic designer. Combining graphic skills with photography I entered the world of photogrammetry. That gave me new opportunities in modelling 3D objects.


Music is a subconscious factor that often determines the success of a product born from the entertainment industry. Music stimulates emotions, which make us remember impressions. Therefore, creating soundtracks for games and gameshows I focus on the perception of impressions that will captivate the audience through properly composed sounds. Music builds a mood and releases emotions. It is my greatest passion and I devote myself to it completely. I also create sound design for virtual reality (VR) games and experiences.


When photography appeared in my life, I had been working as a graphic designer for many years before. Then the big boom of digital photography was released into the market and analogue cameras were pushed into the background. It was about 20 years ago. Then I realized that by combining these two areas – photography and graphics I can achieve great results. I went through various stages and fields of interest in photography, but finally, I decided to focus on reportage photography, especially wedding photography. The best photos you can see on my photoblog. I also make business and product photography.


There are three main pillars on which I base in my working life. The graphic design came to my life many years ago and opened the door to a whole new world full of creation and multi-coloured creativity. I worked on different computers, I struggled with various difficulties, especially when it turned out, for example, that the equipment I work on does not count large format advertising, which I was asked to make. But happily, I was able to cope with similar problems :-). A while later, photography appeared, initially more in testing the equipment, but I did not have to wait for a long time to notice that the frames I create, the emotions that I capture find their recipients. This is how I started my photographer’s career. I was mainly interested in reportage, especially wedding photography. Since then I run the blog pewnegodnia.pl, where I can present stories of people I immortalized in my photographies. My workshop developed over the years. It is also based on studio photography, but I have decided to use additional light exclusively for product photography. Working with graphics and photography I discovered that both these areas are closely connected, they even exist in symbiosis, and by adding my creativity I can create projects and photographies that exactly match my clients’ imaginations. Music is the third pillar. It was my first love, which I have always been faithful for as long as I can remember. As in the case of words – to write one sentence, you need to read hundreds of them, as well as is with music – to create a song, you need to listen to hours of different discs. If I could get the twenty-fifth hour of a day – I’d spend it listening to music.

Each project is equipped with my secret ingredient – every single time I focus on details and bringing matters to the end. Even if something goes wrong for various reasons, I try to find an alternative solution that will be optimal for the project and my client.

These three areas are very important to me. I try to constantly develop in each of them, which is not easy because it requires a lot of time and energy. But I will not give it up, because both work and development are like oxygen for me, an absolute condition for a happy life. So what makes it all work out? Someone who is always with me. Someone for whom I willingly enter new projects, who is my inspiration to work with music and always a joyful challenge to a photo session. Each day is a new idea and inspiration. My wife and my children. Thank you.